The Mustang girls’ and boys’ bowling teams began the season with a meet in Ottumwa on Nov. 26. The girls’ team finished second behind a tough Ottumwa squad while the boys finished third overall in their meet.

Ottumwa won the girls meet with 2,909 pins. Davis County was second with 1,950. Mount Pleasant was third with 1,927and Fairfield finished fourth with 1,777.

In the boys’ meet, Davis County hoped to finish second behind a tough Ottumwa squad, but didn’t quite make it. Ottumwa dominated the meet with 3,178 pins. Fairfield finished second with a score of 2,396. Davis County was just seven pins behind the Trojans with a score of 2,389. Mount Pleasant finished fourth with a team score of 2,236.

Kaitlyn Wallace led the effort for the girls shooting a pair of solid games for Davis County. She started with a 186 and finished with a 160 for a 347 series.

Hope Brammer made her debut on the varsity squad rolling a 276 series. Brammer rolled games of 146 and 130. Kelsey Rook rolled a 249 series with games of 131 and 118. Alysa Shirkey rolled a 237 series with games of 108 and 129. Malia Penrod rolled a 107 to start the day and finished with a 116 for a 226 series. Aubrey Bachman rolled a 210 series after scoring games of 79 and 131.

Davis County finished with game scores of 107, 166, 110, 113, and 122 in the Baker game division of the meet.

“We knew that Ottumwa was going to be tough especially in their own house. I was hoping that both the boys and girls teams would finish in the runner up spots,” said Coach Jason Rook of the Mustangs. “The girls did just that by outscoring Mount Pleasant by 23 pins. They beat Fairfield by 173 pins. The girls are just getting started and will also need to execute better first shots and work on spare games to better their team scores.”

Beau Small led the boys with a strong effort in his first meet of the year. He finished with a 379 series. He rolled a 207 to start the meet and finished with a 172. Wyatt McClure rolled a 148 and came back with a strong 183-second game to finish with a 331 series. Wyatt Hull rolled a 126 in his opening game before finishing with a 199. He had a 325 series. James McNary finished with games of 155 and 142 for a 297 series. Nevik Link rolled a 136 and 157 for a 293 series and Cameron Jackson rolled games of 163 and 117 for a 280 series.

In the Baker game division, Davis County rolled game scores of 144, 160, 144, 180 and 136.

“The boys ended up third in the meet. They lost the runner-up spot by seven pins to Fairfield, but outscored Mount Pleasant by 153 pins. It was good to see Beau Small get comfortable early in game one and shoot a 207 game. Wyatt McClure started a little rough with a 148 game but bounced back with a 183 game,” said Coach Rook.

“Wyatt Hull made his first varsity appearance shooting a solid 199 second game. Nivek Link also made his first varsity appearance. Finishing third in this meet isn’t what we wanted, but we can learn from it. We need to execute quality first shots. We need to cover as many pins as we can when we split. We need to improve our spare game. We missed a lot of makeable spares. The season has just started and kids will be determined to get better,” said Rook.

“Both teams will need to improve their play in the Baker games as the season progresses. The bowlers are determined to get better and are wanting to compete at higher level this season,” he said.