The Lady Mustang cross country team missed the Van Buren Invitational Championship by just three points. The girls scored 38 team points and fell just short of Fairfield who won the meet with 35 team points.

Macy Hill won the overall individual championship for the girls during this meet on Sept. 8. The meet was run at the Riverview Country Club in Keosauqua.

Hill paced the field with a time of 21:04.27 to win the girls’ race.

Addison Stuchel also finished in the top 10 for Davis County. She finished sixth overall with a time of 22:49.69.

Alyvia Van Maanen and Karston Nebel finished just outside the top 10 in this race. Van Maanen finished 11th with a time of 23:31.71. Nebel was right on her heels throughout much of the race. She finished 12th with a time of 23:34.83.

Makayla Bachman and Cassidy VanLaningham weren’t far behind. Those two crossed the finish line as part of the top 15 runners. Bachman finished 14th overall with a time of 23:54.71. VanLaningham’s time of 24:13.76 was good enough to land her in 15th place. Sadie Spargur rounded out the top seven for Davis County as she finished 20th overall. Spargur finished the race in 25:03.29.

Jada Will finished 24th with a time of 25:52.08. Alyssa Rudd finished 28th with a time of 26:34.23. Lydia Morrissey finished 39th with a time of 28:41.73. Kelsey Rook was 40th with her time of 28:51.70. Leah Rudd was 48th with a time of 30:46.72. Abby Warning finished 54th with her time of 32:28.31. Nicole Derby ran the race in 38:07 to finish 56th. Lizzy Maule was 57th with her time of 38:30

“Our girls’ team narrowly missed the overall team championship by just three points. We had six girls in the top 15 for medals. Macy Hill won the meet with a commanding lead. I really feel, as a team, they are doing the right things by closing those gaps. I felt that Addison Stuchel, Alyvia Van Maanen, Macayla Bachman, and Cassidy VanLaningham really did a nice effort in this race.  I look for them to get faster in each meet and be a force to reckon with,” said Coach Josh Husted.

Carson Shively continues to pace the boys team this season. Shively is running strong in early races and shows no signs of changing that strategy each time he toes the starting line. Shively finished second overall in this race with a time of 17:07.99. Ty Carr of Danville won the race with a time of 16:53.70.

Brody Humphrey was next for Davis County in terms of finishing the race. He scored a 14th-place finish with his time of 19:03.61.

Aaron Cook is new to the team this year and is already making his mark on this team. Cook finished 15th behind Humphrey. Cook clocked a time of 19:06.54.

Mark Shirley also finished in the top 20 for the Mustangs. He was 18th overall with his time of 19:37.57. Drake Hamm finished 22nd with his time of 19:52.27.

Micah Carroll finished 30th overall and clocked a time of 20:55.05. Taylor Huggins was 32md with his time of 21:04.66. Sutton Shively finished 37th with his time of 21:38.32.

Daniel Oliver finished 49th with a time of 22:32.03. Chandler Bachman finished 55th with his time of 23:27.43. Max McCoy finished 57th with a time of 23:30.32. Gabe Gerritson was 62nd with a time of 23:57.88. Landon Fetcho finished 66th with his time of 24:14.73. John Erp finished 71st with his time of 25:22.35. Kaison Heemsbergen was 77th with his time of 27:08.08. Gavin Klaus finished 84th with his time of 29:06.05.

“The boys team competed against the number one team in the state (Danville). We really had a lot of improvement over the last week. The boys had four medalists and that is a great sign,” said Husted. “Carson Shively has been instrumental in encouraging teammates to hit a pace and stay together for a certain duration of a meet. Brody Humphrey, Aaron Cook, and Mark Shirley responded well.  We will look to improve over the next few weeks.

“Both teams made great improvements over last week’s meet in Williamsburg. Considering that this was hot and humid, then add hills, they all had big time drops on a challenging course with great competition,” said Husted. “I think our high school athletes saw how well they did and really cranked things up in their races.”

Girls team score—1, Fairfield, 35; 2. Davis County, 38; 3. Danville-New London, 75; 4. Cardinal, 112; 5. Keokuk, 121; and 6. Central Lee. 156.

Boys team score—1. Danville-New London, 19; Davis County, 51; 3. Fairfield, 62 and 4. Keokuk, 122.