The Lady Mustang volleyball team improved their record to 4-6 overall after losing just one match in the English Valley Tournament on Sept. 7. Davis County won 2-0 matches over Columbus, Sigourney and East Marshall and suffered a 2-0 loss to WACO in the tournament.

Davis County defeated Columbus by scores of 21-11 and 22-20. They faced WACO and lost by set scores of 21-17 and 21-16. The girls defeated Sigourney by set scores of 21-15 and 21-10. They finished the day with a 2-0 win over East Marshall by scores of 25-12 and 25-11 in bracket play to win the tournament.

“We played well this weekend. I think the girls felt good about getting a few wins. We moved players around quite a bit to explore our options. I think we’re getting closer to seeing what is going to work for us,” said Coach Brooke Mason. “This is the first time we’ve been in this tournament, and while the competition wasn’t super competitive, it’s what we needed at this point.

“Our passing was much improved from where we were a week ago. Brett (Lough) did a really nice job of moving the ball around. We served about 89%, which is close to our goal. We could see more improvement, but were aggressive at the line,” she said.

“Jessica Early led us with eight aces. She and Kaden Porter turned in sixteen kills each, and Briley Lough and Morgan Petefish each recorded ten. It’s nice to be able to engage more than just one or two hitters. I’m proud of the girls and think we can build on this weekend to continue to have success,” Mason concluded.

Serving—Jessica Early, 34-36, 8 aces; Kaden Porter, 26-28, 4 aces; Brett Lough, 22-25, 2 aces; Kara Greiner, 21-23, 3 aces; Morgan Petefish, 12-14, 1 ace; Phoebe Moore, 10-12, 2 aces; Katie Wiley, 11-12; Kayla Joos 5-6; Hannah Schooley, 4-5, 1 ace; Olivia Murry, 4-5 and Ashlyn Gooden, 1-1.

Hitting—Porter, 24-30, 16 kills; Early, 39-56, 16 kills; Petefish, 25-29, 10 kills; Briley Lough, 26-35, 10 kills; Bryce Dixon, 12-14, 6 kills; Kayla Joos, 7-11, 5 kills; Gooden, 3-3, 1 kill; Brett Lough, 2-3, 1 kill; Moore, 1-1; Hannah Schooley, 1-1 and Kara Greiner, 1-2.

Assists—Brett Lough, 51; Petefish, 2; Dixon, 2; Early, 2; Greiner, 1; Schooley, 1 and Moore, 1.

Digs—Schooley, 24; Greiner, 12; Brett Lough, 9; Early, 9; Murry, 7; Moore, 6; Petefish, 4; Briley Lough, 2; Porter, 1; Joos 1 and Wiley, 1

Blocks—Dixon, 5; Porter, 3; Petefish, 3; Joos, 2 and Brett Lough, 1.