Belinda Lindberg won week three of the Bloomfield Democrat’s Football Contest. Lindberg correctly picked nine of the 10 game winners and also chose a total points tiebreaker that was closest to the actual total. Lindberg needed that tiebreaker to win the contest over Lynn Shumate.

Lindberg chose a tiebreaking score of 450 for the week. The actual total was 431, which means Lindberg earned nine points for picking nine game winners and the additional 10 points toward the year-end grand prize winnings.

Additionally, we also need to let everyone know that Iowa City Regina won their game over Mid-Prairie due to a forfeit. Per Iowa High School Athletic Association rules, the final score of the game must be set at 1-0. So that 1-0 score was also included in the total points tiebreaker for the week.

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