The Davis County School Board met in special session Monday morning to discuss adding an interim athletic director to the district to help the school get through the spring and summer sports seasons. The need for an interim director surfaced when former athletic director Kent Anderson resigned effective March 3.

The board heard from Superintendent Dan Maeder who announced that two current staff members showed interest in the position. Maeder told the board that the position was posted in-house and both David Mason and Shane Blake applied.

“We do have a need to fill this position,” said Maeder. “We posted it internally and found two candidates interested. We plan on adding days to their existing contracts for this year to get the work done. Both candidates are genuinely interested in doing the job.”

Maeder announced that the district can work it so there isn’t a significant amount of time that these men will be away from the classroom. Mason is a special education instructor and would have more time during the school day to do the work. Blake is also being considered for the position. His classroom load is more than Mason, but Maeder said between the two men they could do the job on an interim basis.

The board first approved a motion to add an interim athletic director for the district. Once that was done, Maeder announced that Mason would be named the head athletic director with Blake assuming some of the duties as well. The board approved Maeder’s recommendation to have co-athletic directors at least on the short term basis to get the district through the current school year.

The board also approved a list of warrants presented during the meeting, which were considered for payment by board secretary Betsy Bassett.