The Davis County cross country teams finished the 2019 season with some of their best performances of the year. The two teams competed in the Iowa State Cross Country Meet in Fort Dodge on Nov. 2 and brought home team finishes in the top 10 of the Class 2A team standings.

The Mustang boys’ team finished fifth overall scoring 174 team points. The girls scored a ninth-place finish as a group with 196 team points.

This meet provided several highlights for both squads, but the most notable of the day was the fact that the Mustang boys had two runners earn individual medals, which also included all-state designations. Carson Shively finished eighth overall while Kenny Cronin finished 15th.

Shively ran very well and has come on strong in the past three weeks after sitting out much of the season with an illness. Shively broke the 17-minute mark and cracked the top 10 of the individual placings at the state meet. His time of 16:40.7 is one of the better performances he has had as a cross country runner for the Mustangs.

Kenny Cronin has been the team leader all season in terms of how he has finished races. He and Shively have typically battled one another for the team’s best performances in the past few seasons. Shively bested Carson on this day, but not by much.

Cronin has been running some exceptional times in recent races and breaking the 17-minute mark was a goal of his at the beginning of the season. He ran 16:38 in the district race and was the individual champion of that race. Cronin finished last weekend’s state meet with another exceptional time. He crossed the finish line in 16:54.4 with a 15th-place finish.

When scoring both those boys, they moved up in the scoring because of runners who finished in the top 10 that couldn’t be considered for the team-scoring points. Shively secured five team points for the Mustangs while Cronin secured nine points after individual runners without teams were pulled out to calculate points.

Brody Humphrey finished 61st overall, but secured 36 team points for the Mustangs. His time was 17:47.6. Seth Emmons finished 71st with a time of 17:55.6. He scored 44 team points.

Michael Amsden finished 111th with a time of 18:43.8. He secured 80 team points. David Nash was 120th with a time of 19:07.4. He secured 89 team points. Alex Hopkins was 126th with a time of 19:31.4. He secured 95 team points.

Scoring for the team is calculated by adding up the points from the top five runners for each team competing in the meet.

“Our boys lit up the field with personal bests for many athletes. This is the first time since I have been at Davis County that we had representation on stage for All-State recognition. We had two this season in Carson Shively and Kenny Cronin,” said Davis County Coach Josh Husted.

“For over half of the race, Carson Shively was running in second and Kenny in third. It is great to have both find that elite success in a race. Teammates Brody Humphrey and Seth Emmons also dipped down into the 17-minute mark with their times to finish well. Their times were much better than last season and our spread from number one to 4 was phenomenal,” said Husted.

“Mike Amsden had a much better performance this season to round out our top five runners. This team will also be much faster next season as we only graduate one runner. This could have them working for a state trophy,” Husted concluded.

The Lady Mustangs continued their strategy of running in a pack and keeping their time spread close during races. The girls finished ninth overall with 196 team points.

Tatum Turner has elevated herself to the top spot this season as the lead runner for Davis County. Turner returned as the team’s top runner last weekend with a solid performance at the state meet. She finished 37th overall with a time of 20:46. She earned 24 team points for her team.

Freshman Makayla Bachman ran the race in 20:58.5 and finished 48th overall. She earned 28 points for her team.

Senior Sophie Spargur ran her last race as a Lady Mustang in 21:12.2. She finished 61st overall and earned 38 points for the Lady Mustangs in the team standings.

Addison Stuchel finished 78th in her first state meet as a Lady Mustang freshman runner. She clocked a time of 21:33.4, earning 52 points for her team.

Macy Hill finished 81st overall. Her time of 21:36.2 was enough to get her 54 team points. Madison Matheny finished 92nd with a time of 21:56.3. She earned 62 points.

Freshman Sadie Spargur finished 115th in her first state meet as a Lady Mustang. She clocked a time of 22:45 and earned 82 team points.

“The girls’ race was a very tight competition from third through our finish of ninth. There were even two team ties in that field. The point differential really wasn’t that staggering,” said Husted.

“Most of our girls dipped into fast times to meet the competition standards. With such a young team, I am really excited to see this. Our spread was just a mere 50 seconds from our number one runner, Tatum Turner, to our number five runner, Macy Hill. Makayla Bachman, Sophie Spargur, Addison Stuchel all filled in narrow gaps between. Next season they will be even more impressive from having this experience today. This is a very smart running team and today will give them more security when they attempt to qualify next season. They have done so many impressive things this year, and I can’t wait to see what they can accomplish next year,” he said.

“We had several athletes run to personal record times. Our girls ran very well. They went up to Fort Dodge to compete well and that is exactly what they did. Both teams only graduate one senior and are already excited for next season,” said Husted.

Girls’ team standings—1. Mid-Prairie, 61; 2. Williamsburg, 62; 3. Monticello, 130; 4. Jessup, 169; 5. ACGC, 169; Starmont, 179; 7. WC-KP, 179; 8. Unity Christian, 191; 9. Davis County, 196; 10. Cherokee, 242; 11. Dike-New Hartford, 261; 12. Waukon, 262; 13. Tipton, 320; 14. Emmetsburg, 373 and 15. Chariton, 391.

Boys’ team standings—1. Tipton, 78; 2. Des Moines Christian, 82; 3. Monticello, 106; 4. Albia, 151; 5. Davis County, 174; 6. Danville-New London, 183; 7. Williamsburg, 186; 8. South Hardin, 200; 9. Camanche, 237; 10. GCGR, Grundy Center, 239; 11. Western Christian, 253; 12. Okoboji, 257; 13. North Fayette Valley, 279; 14. George-Little Rock, 307 and 15. Treynor, 307.