Terri Rhum was this week’s winner of the Bloomfield Democrat Football Contest. Rhum correctly picked nine of the 10 game winners in the contest. Betty Kline wins the extra 10 points in the overall contest for choosing the total points tiebreaker closest to the actual total.

With the absence of many college football teams from the season, this year’s contest will be played using high school teams exclusively. With that in mind, there have been instances where high school games haven’t been played due to COVID-19 issues. This situation will most likely continue.

Every effort is being made to choose games we know will be played on Friday nights. However, in the past two weeks, we have learned late Thursday afternoon that games we have chosen won’t be played. There isn’t anything we can do about those games not being played. For contest purposes, when a game is canceled after the contest games have been published, everyone entering the contest will get credit for picking a winner in that game. No one will be penalized because the game wasn’t played.